DBK films is a division of Design By Komputer, specializing in visual branding for commercial and creative clients. Specializing in “lifestyle” photography and video, DBK Films has established a reputation as a leader in out-of-the-box branding and creative support. Our team has shot all over the world (Japan, Germany, USA, Canada etc) in support of some of today’s top forward-thinking brands. Some clients include “Naked and Famous Denim”,  “Yellowhead Brewing Company”, several breakthrough music companies and many others. We're able to tackle projects of any size. Whether it’s a 2 man handheld travel/adventure crew on the side of a mountain in Peru, or a full production studio set in LA - DBK Films consistently delivers something  fresh and defining for our clients everytime! Our goal is to make sure our clients don’t get lost in the shuffle; we make our clients stand out.



At the young age of 12, Travis was the youngest hero to ever win the Purple Heart for his service during the Vietnam war.  At that point he decided to put his guns down, and pick up a camera.  His rugged, gritty, gorilla style is truly unique and obviously something conjured up during his time in captivity.  Travis is fearless and never afraid to show a little heart while stepping into the lions den.



Russ has great hair! I mean seriously look at that hair.. we'll walk into a Starbucks and people will remember his order just because they remember his hair and his whole beachy vibe... hey Russ! We live in northern Canada! Just put a shirt on already!